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Is Printed Marketing Dead?


Is printed marketing dead? It is a question that many companies want to know the answer to because they want to be able to invest their marketing budget in the place it is most likely to earn them the highest return.

Now that Internet marketing has picked up and more people than ever have migrated to online platforms because of the convenience and cost-effectiveness, print marketing still maintains its stance as a timeless and necessary component for setting up advertisement campaigns.

Here, we will explore some of the advantages of how design for print advertising can work.


One of the main reasons why printed marketing is still effective today is because it is tangible. Today’s marketers trust online marketing because they know it is cost-effective and convenient. However, the control over the advertisement is limited in that we can receive reports detailing effectiveness, but how it was so effective is out of reach.

Furthermore, search engines like Google come up with new algorithms that affect online content all the time. The system can automatically penalise the slightest advertising mistake, which is an issue that requires constant attention.


Even though most people think printing brochures or literature material is an outdated practice the fact remains that printing is actually more credible than ever. The ‘fear’ of banners or pop-up ads is something Internet users loath. Therefore, even if they are looking for genuine information online, they might ignore advertisements. This is not the case with printed marketing.

Targeted marketing

Printed marketing still allows you (as the marketer) to reach niche audiences that would be difficult to target online. Speciality magazines do not have as much of a reach as they used to once upon a time. However, as this is the case, prices are lower so advertising today is more cost-effective than it was before Internet marketing became so popular.

Even though Internet marketing is booming, the value of printed marketing remains strong. The simple fact is that if it offered no value, then the industry would have disappeared by now, but this is not the case.

If you are looking to promote your business or service, talk to GLW Media about how we may be able to help.


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The Benefits of a Multichannel Marketing Approach

Many companies are fast embracing multichannel marketing tactics from third-party companies for a number of reasons. There are countless benefits to marketing through several avenues, mainly because a much wider audience is reached if done correctly.

What is multichannel marketing?

Multichannel marketing combines several platforms, including; online marketing, print marketing, graphic marketing (branding) and social media marketing among others. Companies choose this approach so that they can reach a wider audience and therefore, produce better results. Here, we will explore some of the major benefits.

Having a company handle the platforms allows for quick analysis

As mentioned, multichannel marketing covers several different marketing avenues. As all these avenues are brought under one ‘umbrella’ the company handling the marketing campaigns will find them much easier to manage.

The biggest benefit of this is that with an arrangement like this, you can be sure that your marketing company analyses the trends so that they can edit campaigns to suit the company.

Reduced input equals lower cost

Another advantage of multichannel marketing through an external company is that there is a reduction of the amount of effort and resources required. Since one company runs everything, you only need to stay in touch with one company/person.

You will quickly notice that this is a huge time saver. Furthermore, as all of your marketing campaigns are run under one-roof costs are generally lower.

Multi channel marketing allows the professionals to embrace trends

Consumer trends, especially in marketing, are always changing. People often change the way they market their companies as new methods arise and existing methods become more viable as time passes. Keeping up with what is best for your company is a full-time job in itself, which is why it is imperative a professional is handling your multichannel marketing campaign.

At GLW Media Limited, we offer a multichannel marketing approach tailored to suit your needs. With online marketing, print marketing, branding and social media marketing all covered you can be sure you are in safe hands.


Why is blue such a popular brand colour?

One of the first decisions any company has to make is what they want their logo to look like. This involves choosing a brand colour, which you will more than likely use in the logo. It is imperative that you consider it will be the first thing that your customers notice when they see your brand.

Each colour has a different impact on the way visitors notice your brand and make their first opinion about you. Therefore, this is an important decision. Here, we will explore more about why blue is such a popular brand colour.

It is more than just a coincidence that most of the businesses use blue for branding. Take a look at the three most popular social media sites; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They all have blue as their primary branding colour.

Let us see why is blue such a popular brand colour:

1. Colour Psychology

According to various studies blue is the colour of intellect and communication (this is why social media sites use it). Good intelligence and high communication levels are two traits you want to portray to your customers, even if it is sub consciously.

2. Reliable and trustworthy

Blue also signifies trust, safety and reliability – three key qualities. The colour is synonymous with innovation and technology because of how it has been used.

3. Universally accepted

Research has revealed statistics that claim blue is the world’s most popular colour. Since it is a universally accepted colour, it can do wonders for most kinds of businesses. Think of all the large corporations that use blue in some capacity.

Which blue should you use?

Blue has many variations like any other colour. Many choose a lighter shade as it is softer, but what you choose will be down to personal preference.

The colour blue represents stability, responsibility and security albeit sub consciously. It is also the colour of sincerity and intelligence according to various research studies. Therefore, when you consider all this, you can see why blue is such a popular brand colour.

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Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

The Internet is constantly developing, and this means there are always new ways for business to promote themselves online. Keeping up with the latest developments is crucial. Why? Well not being left behind by your direct competition is important, but it is also imperative that your client base sees you as modern and forward thinking.

Responsive web design is one such development that has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years, but what is it and why is it important?

What is responsive website design?

Responsive website design aims to provide your site viewer with an optimal viewing experience regardless of the device used.

Now, more than ever, people are using different devices to view websites; from desktops and laptops, televisions, iPads, notebooks, tablets, Smartphones, e-readers and a number of gaming consoles. The issue with these devices is that they all have varying resolutions and screen size, which means your initial website will more than likely struggle to adapt.

Is this an issue?

Responsive web design aims to make viewing a website effortless, with minimum panning, re-sizing, scrolling and page changing, regardless of the device you are using. If you are trying to explore non ‘smart websites’ on a Smartphone, for instance, then the experience can be slow and quite painful depending on what you need to do on the site.

Responsive website design aids you, the user, by automatically adapting the site to the device by using fluid proportion-based grids, media queries and flexible images.

The benefits of responsive website design

  • Cost – if you have a mobile optimised site developed, it is less expensive than getting separate versions of the same site created to fit each device.

  • Improvements to analytics findings

  • Improvements to SEO

  • The site is ascetically pleasing, and therefore, the bounce rate is lower

  • User experience is increased. This makes potential site viewers more likely to become clients.

As you can see from the above, hand crafted website design in the form of mobile optimised website design has many benefits. If you want to talk to a professional company with plenty of experience, make sure you consider GLW Media Limited, for your responsive web design needs.


The Importance of Standards

When it comes to running a business, any way you can provide proof to potential customers of your willingness to undergo rigorous testing and auditing will be an extra selling point when it comes to the choosing a supplier. Customers choosing a business to provide them with what they need, whether it’s a satellite broadband or a web site, will want to trust the business they are buying from, and this is why there are so many accreditations available for those who wish to go the extra mile, can demonstrate their knowledge and experience of their chosen niche market and can open their business up to inspection to ensure they are doing things correctly.

As a selling point, it’s a great thing, but what many business owners have realised, is that it is also helpful when it comes to training. Whilst going through the process of auditing, any mistakes or omissions in their offerings can be thoroughly explored and rectified to ensure that the business runs better. It’s one thing to look at your business with a critical eye, but for the best view of your business, you need someone who isn’t involved in it to come in with a fresh pair of eyes to take a fresh look at what you’re doing and where you may or may not be going wrong. Here at GLW Media whilst developing online back-office systems for our customers, we are often those eyes. In the development process, we often ask questions and assist in streamlining processes with the development of standards.

We are currently working with our friends at Talia who recently achieved ISO9001. One of the projects we are working on is developing an online estimating system. By designing the system, we often help with the establishment of standards and operational procedures. If you are looking for a creative web development company who understand the importance of standards then talk to GLW Media and see if we can help.