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Is Printed Marketing Dead?


Is printed marketing dead? It is a question that many companies want to know the answer to because they want to be able to invest their marketing budget in the place it is most likely to earn them the highest return.

Now that Internet marketing has picked up and more people than ever have migrated to online platforms because of the convenience and cost-effectiveness, print marketing still maintains its stance as a timeless and necessary component for setting up advertisement campaigns.

Here, we will explore some of the advantages of how design for print advertising can work.


One of the main reasons why printed marketing is still effective today is because it is tangible. Today’s marketers trust online marketing because they know it is cost-effective and convenient. However, the control over the advertisement is limited in that we can receive reports detailing effectiveness, but how it was so effective is out of reach.

Furthermore, search engines like Google come up with new algorithms that affect online content all the time. The system can automatically penalise the slightest advertising mistake, which is an issue that requires constant attention.


Even though most people think printing brochures or literature material is an outdated practice the fact remains that printing is actually more credible than ever. The ‘fear’ of banners or pop-up ads is something Internet users loath. Therefore, even if they are looking for genuine information online, they might ignore advertisements. This is not the case with printed marketing.

Targeted marketing

Printed marketing still allows you (as the marketer) to reach niche audiences that would be difficult to target online. Speciality magazines do not have as much of a reach as they used to once upon a time. However, as this is the case, prices are lower so advertising today is more cost-effective than it was before Internet marketing became so popular.

Even though Internet marketing is booming, the value of printed marketing remains strong. The simple fact is that if it offered no value, then the industry would have disappeared by now, but this is not the case.

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