Why is blue such a popular brand colour?

One of the first decisions any company has to make is what they want their logo to look like. This involves choosing a brand colour, which you will more than likely use in the logo. It is imperative that you consider it will be the first thing that your customers notice when they see your brand.

Each colour has a different impact on the way visitors notice your brand and make their first opinion about you. Therefore, this is an important decision. Here, we will explore more about why blue is such a popular brand colour.

It is more than just a coincidence that most of the businesses use blue for branding. Take a look at the three most popular social media sites; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They all have blue as their primary branding colour.

Let us see why is blue such a popular brand colour:

1. Colour Psychology

According to various studies blue is the colour of intellect and communication (this is why social media sites use it). Good intelligence and high communication levels are two traits you want to portray to your customers, even if it is sub consciously.

2. Reliable and trustworthy

Blue also signifies trust, safety and reliability – three key qualities. The colour is synonymous with innovation and technology because of how it has been used.

3. Universally accepted

Research has revealed statistics that claim blue is the world’s most popular colour. Since it is a universally accepted colour, it can do wonders for most kinds of businesses. Think of all the large corporations that use blue in some capacity.

Which blue should you use?

Blue has many variations like any other colour. Many choose a lighter shade as it is softer, but what you choose will be down to personal preference.

The colour blue represents stability, responsibility and security albeit sub consciously. It is also the colour of sincerity and intelligence according to various research studies. Therefore, when you consider all this, you can see why blue is such a popular brand colour.