The Importance of Standards

When it comes to running a business, any way you can provide proof to potential customers of your willingness to undergo rigorous testing and auditing will be an extra selling point when it comes to the choosing a supplier. Customers choosing a business to provide them with what they need, whether it’s a satellite broadband or a web site, will want to trust the business they are buying from, and this is why there are so many accreditations available for those who wish to go the extra mile, can demonstrate their knowledge and experience of their chosen niche market and can open their business up to inspection to ensure they are doing things correctly.

As a selling point, it’s a great thing, but what many business owners have realised, is that it is also helpful when it comes to training. Whilst going through the process of auditing, any mistakes or omissions in their offerings can be thoroughly explored and rectified to ensure that the business runs better. It’s one thing to look at your business with a critical eye, but for the best view of your business, you need someone who isn’t involved in it to come in with a fresh pair of eyes to take a fresh look at what you’re doing and where you may or may not be going wrong. Here at GLW Media whilst developing online back-office systems for our customers, we are often those eyes. In the development process, we often ask questions and assist in streamlining processes with the development of standards.

We are currently working with our friends at Talia who recently achieved ISO9001. One of the projects we are working on is developing an online estimating system. By designing the system, we often help with the establishment of standards and operational procedures. If you are looking for a creative web development company who understand the importance of standards then talk to GLW Media and see if we can help.